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Trying to contact us? Before you email us, are you emailing us for the following reasons?

Your links dont work!

Read the FAQ. I am sick of idiots with attitude emailing me complaining that "your links dont work". Read the FAQ, get a clue. There is nothing worse than a clueless idiot with attitude.

Your search engine sucks!

Thanks I already know that. Tell someone who doesn't :-) So, there is no need to email me about that. You can check out some other quality engines around:

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Your search engine rules!

Are you sure? Seriously, no need to email me. Email someone who doesn't know! Spread the word!

I found a bug!

Great! Email us the search string or the URL in your netscape location bar and send it to

Okay I've read all of the above and STILL have a question. How do I contact you?
If you STILL insist that my "crappy" links dont work and you dont have the brains to read the FAQ, dont even bother. SERIOUSLY! I WILL NOT ANSWER ANYMORE EMAILS ON WHY MY LINKS DONT WORK! READ THE FAQ!!!!
Otherwise, please email - I love hearing from you :-)

Thanks for using!!